BABL 036: Solocast: Millennials & Money

A frequently asked question, by Millennials, is “What do I do with my money?” In this solocast Adam dives deep into the generation of Millennials and the limitations and opportunities that are among them. From 401K’s and Roth IRAs to building you own business. Adam lends insight on how to invest and set yourself up […]

BABL 035: Julie Clow on The Work Revolution

Julie Clow is a unique combination of intellectual, dynamic hard-charging Gen Xer, and organizational behaviorist. In a word, she’s cool. Julie holds an organizational development position with Chanel currently, though worked for Google previously, and had done consulting just after receiving her graduate degree. The Google culture for her was an eye-opening experience, one where […]

BABL 034: Solocast – 30 Days to $1K

Adam goes over the “how to’s” for saving more the importance of having cash on hand in today’s society. Control of your money, understanding the banking system and saving for your future are just a few of the key take aways in this Solocast. Link to get your copy of 30 Days to $1K Podcast: […]

BABL 033: Robert Dickie on Taking the Leap

Robert Dickie III is the President of Crown, having been in the military, worked in the private sector, and is now focused entirely on making others’ lives better. Bob recently released The Leap: Launching a Full-Time Job in Our Part-Time Economy in an effort to help people transition into the changing world of work. Many […]

BABL 031: Shannon Ryan on The Heavy Purse

BABL 031: Shannon Ryan on The Heavy Purse Shannon and I are kindred spirits — her father taught her some valuable financial lessons at the age of 13 and those lessons instilled a passion in her to teach others money for the rest of her life. As the author of The Heavy Purse, a book […]