BABL004: Derek Hendricks on Synchronicity Surfing

Derek was a multi-millionaire in his 30’s when the world came crashing down around him leaving him and his business broken and bankrupted. Then, the revelations came. Derek realized that the money he pursued was in an attempt to fill a void from his childhood years. Derek is a man on a unique mission — […]

BABL 003: Mitch Matthews on One Hour Businesses and Dream Jobs

Mitch Matthews and I met on a networking “blind date”. We planned on spending 30 minutes or so together and ended our first meeting 3 hours later. The bromance had begun… Mitch is a warrior at heart, a total creative, and a guy that has spent a decade or more studying Dream Jobs in an […]

BABL 002: Lori Harder on Letting Down Your Guard

Lori Harder and I met at Jack Canfield’s Train the Trainer event in 2014. We spent three weeks getting to know each other’s businesses and, quite frankly, I’m completely jealous of the success she’s created for herself. She is a self-made multi-millionaire, author of The Busy Girl Cookbook, a successful network marketer with Isagenix, and […]

BABL 001: Scott Ginsberg on Being Profoundly Absurdly Committed

BABL001 Being Profoundly Absurdly Committed with Scott Ginsberg I first met Scott Ginsberg at a conference for Young Professionals where we were both speaking. It was impressive to me that Scott had such an approachable air about him and then after hearing his presentation, I completely understood why.  Scott has made a business out of wearing […]

The Changing Economic Realities of College – Adam Carroll at TEDxUWMilwaukee


This talk was given at a local TEDx event, produced independently of the TED Conferences. Adam Carroll, finance expert and financial education enthusiast, calls college “the longest and most expensive party” he’s ever been to. Adam juxtaposes the realities that have changed about obtaining a college education with our perspectives that didn’t. What has college […]

Liberating Your Genius… Financially


I spend a good part of my year speaking on college campuses, teaching students the virtue of living below their means, only borrowing what they absolutely need, and going after scholarships like it’s their job. My passion is helping young professionals succeed faster by finding their passion, and having the wherewithal to go after it. […]

Hacking Your Student Loans

Paying Student Loans Early

Every month you make that dreaded student loan payment, a reminder of the fun you had during your “four year break from reality” that was college. It’s the price that millions of graduates (and millions that didn’t graduate) are paying to pursue that prized slip of paper that allegedly is “the ticket to a good […]

I’m Not A Plumber

Handyman Services

There’s a point in everyone’s life where you realize what you are, and what you are not, capable of doing. I’m always amazed at the level of skill and knowledge my father and father-in-law have when it comes to so-called “manly” projects.  As a kid, I remember My dad would frame a room, wire it, […]