BABL 008: Solocast- The Four Legacies

BABL008-Solocast2Time Freedom . . . Financial Freedom . . . Relationship Freedom . . . Service Freedom . . . The four legacies that I have chosen to build my life around, a life by design not by necessity.

In this second solo-cast from BABL I am going to share with you what I learned from a software engineer named Matt years ago. While I never thought this by-chance encounter could have such a profound impact on my life,  the Four Legacies Matt explained are simple, impactful, and fulfilling.

The Build A Bigger Life blueprint is the first step to Living the Four Legacies. In the next 15 minutes I am going to break down and explain the Four Legacies in further detail. I will dive into each of these legacies and tell you why prioritizing and gaining influence from these core values will set you up for an abundance of happiness throughout your life’s journey.