BABL 043: Ask Bigger Questions


BABL043-SolocastTenant number 4 of the 9 core tenants is to ASK BIGGER QUESTIONS…   In this Build A Bigger Life Solocast Adam follows up Episode 40 – Your Are The Architect Of Your Own Life, by diving a little deeper into your subconscious mind and the life you are designing.

Pay attention to the questions that you are asking today and think about how asking bigger questions would change your mindset and output. Examples are How do I make $500K annually? How do I travel the world for a living? How do I own a yacht in the Caribbean?

If you ask these questions your subconscious mind will support you and provide answers. You will think to surround yourself with millionaires or adventurists that are living out your future dream.  This is how Peter Branson is able to launch Virigin Airlines into space or how a 100 year old can feel like they are 60…  Ask big questions and see how your life begins to change.

Books Mentioned

Bold – Peter Diamandis

  • I sometimes fail to do this. I don’t think big enough. We recently started to ask for more. Our new question is to ask the universe to put the people in front of us that will enable us to help more people #LiveDebtFree.