BABL 051:Cassandra Bodzak on Create A Life That Lights You Up

Cassandra Bodzak is a force to be reckoned with. A peaceful, loving, inspired force that is in the process of building a business helping others light up their lives through mindfulness, healthy eating, and connecting with their soul.

What started out as sharing a recipe-heavy blog with occasional personal stories, Cassandra’s business took on a new life as a coach, a chef, an author, and now a bonafide celebrity. She has certifications as a holistic health coach which led her to Kundalini Yoga, Marianne Williamson, and Gabriel Bernstein — all directing her down a path of helping people find their joy.

Cassandra’s call from the Universe came from ABC when they were looking for people to be on the show The Taste. She had the realization that what she was doing on the show was what she was supposed to do. Not be a TV personality necessarily, but helping people on a grander scale live a grander life.

“Stepping into it” is the advice that Cassandra gives when it comes to pursuing what you feel your calling truly is. Her primary income before blogging was acting, which was an interesting shift for her — making money pretending to be someone else, versus just being herself.

Around the 15:00 mark, Cassandra talks about how to figure out your own meditation process. Hers started on YouTube meditations, then branched into a morning routine where she asks her inner guide what the 3 most important things are for the day. Sometimes you’ll summon a to-do list that is exactly what you had created, and sometimes you’ll go on a complete tangent.

At 20:00, we discuss “holding space” for what your vision of the future looks like. Cassandra describes how she lives in alignment with her values and what she represents. Living 100% in integrity is ultimately what Cassandra “holds space” for on a daily basis. For her, that means doing writing and meditation because it fills her, how she works with her assistant and intern, how she talks to the barista at the local coffee shop. Because you’re living in alignment and holding space, the ‘sprinkles on the cupcake’ are the great opportunities that show up because of the way you’re operating daily.

One of Cassandra’s secrets to success is putting quality food in her body and paying attention to what she says yes and no to socially. Taking care of yourself frees you to build a bigger life, including what you put in your body, your mind, and your entire being.

When I asked Cassandra about whether or not she was pursuing mastery, her answer was perfect. She replied, “I’m in pursuit of mastering my own life.” (34:00). The key is to do the work on yourself first, then turn the inner work into the outer work.

Books Cassandra recommends:

The War of Art by Steven Pressfield

The Untethered Soul by Michael Singer

4 Hour Workweek by Tim Ferriss


Bonus Audio:

Cassandra has offered Build A Bigger Life listeners a free 45 minute audio. You can access that Here

If you want more of Cassandra (and who wouldn’t), check out

BABL 044: Troy Wittmann on Loving Your Life

BABL044-TroyWittmann (1)

Taking Back The Educational Keys & Loving What You Do

Troy Wittmann and I met in Milwaukee, Wisconsin while both of us shared the stage at the TEDx event put on by UW Milwaukee. Troy’s message about taking back the educational keys was one of my favorite talks of the week and we definitely hit it off at the event and on this podcast.

Troy’s dad was a teacher and he remembers a memory of wanting to go over to a friend’s house, but the friend said he couldn’t come over because his dad had had a bad day. Troy’s dad was in a good mood every day when he came home from school, and seeing the love that he had for his 6th graders and their passion for learning, Troy pursued education with the same passion.

The relentless testing that is happening today is keeping some teachers from getting kids to LOVE learning. The kids don’t necessarily have ADD, they’re forced to “sit and git”. Troy has used simple strategies to increase his kids’ love of learning and it shows in the classroom. (11:00)

“We need rooms full of thinkers and debaters in classrooms today.” (13:45)

Troy created a time machine that literally was built into the classroom where he teaches. If the class is learning about James Madison, James Madison comes out of the time machine and answers questions from the students in the first person. (17:00) “As educators, we have to be willing to put ourselves out there, to be a little silly, and to pursue our passion of sharing knowledge in a way that students appreciate.”

Troy has a program called ‘Teaching Rocks’ which features 33 ⅓ active learning strategies. He’s a frequent speaker at teacher in-service events, and inspires teachers to deliver ‘the goods’ in a way that students thrive as a result of.

The bottom line, according to Troy, is the fact that the kids that come into school everyday just need someone in their life that cares about them. For some, their teachers are the only people that do this.

Troy created a water ski-ing simulator in the cafeteria of his school. The story is at 27:00 and is AMAZING.

Books recommended by Troy:

Purpose Driven Life by Rick Warren

Teach With Your Heart by Erin Gruell

States of Mind by Roberta Conlin

If you want to get more of Troy (and you SHOULD), his website is: and his TED talk can be viewed HERE.


BABL 026: Solocast- So You Want to be a Speaker


So you want to be a speaker?  In this solocast Adam explains how he became a successful public speaker. While selling suits to CEO’s and listening to audio tapes of the “great” public speakers of our time, Adam realized that public speaking was his calling and he has not looked back.

Fast forward 11 years later, Adam has a booming speaking business and is extremely knowledgable on the subject.  After years in the industry Adam gets asked daily “How do you start a speaking business?”. Check out this solocast where he gives you tips and nuggets of knowledge to get your own speaking business started.

In addition to this solocast, Adam is hosting an event in August called Speaker Launchpad. Check it out at check it out at Adam is also giving you an exclusive audio of his “Speak Like A Pro” interview that he did with Jenny Blake and a series of e-mails with valuable tips and content to building your speaking business.


BABL 025: Sarah Peck on Swimming Naked with Sharks


Sarah Peck is an adventurer, a writer, a learner, and in my humble opinion, a complete badass. She boldly states she’ll have a million liquid by the time she’s 40 so that she can live off the interest and I have no doubt she’ll do it.

I found Sarah by way of some other dynamic BABL interviewees, all of whom said the same thing — “Sarah is incredible”. Most notably on the interview is her story of how she raised $33,000 for Charity Water on her 29th birthday.  Without spoiling it too much, she promised to something very bold (and very naked) if her tribe could raise over $29,000.  This one is definitely worth a listen.

Sarah is employed full-time with the start-up, and through a very generous partnership, they’ve arranged for BABL listeners to receive a discount on their monthly education programs. Follow this link to save 25% off your first month.   Sarah highly recommends Rails and Growth Hacking.

Books recommended by Sarah:

The Martian by Andy Weir

Man’s Search for Meaning by Victor Frankl

What I Talk About When I Talk About Running by Haruki Murakami
Thanks for tuning in!!

BABL 011: Amanda Brown on Being a Leading Lady

BABL011-AmandaBrown-2Amanda Brown on Being A Leading Lady

Amanda Brown is a force to be reckoned with. She has a smile that warms a room, an interest in others that is palpable, and the desire to help women realize their calling to be the Leading Lady in the movie of their lives.

Amanda teaches The Lipstick Principles through her business The Leading Ladies Company based in the U.K., impacting women everywhere.

The Leading Ladies Company is a relatively new business venture for Amanda, someone who’d been doing coaching and consulting in the corporate world, but was seeing lifeless looks from some of the women in the audience. The Lipstick Principles were developed to help women step into their starring roles and Make Life Happen.

The Lipstick Principles are success steps and strategies we can all apply to our daily life:

L ove

I magine

P assion

S tepping In

T ruth

I nvite others in

C elebrating

K eeping It Simple

Around 11:00, Amanda and I spoke about comparing ourselves to others. The fact that when we play the “than me” game (better than me, smarter than me, etc.) there is really no good to come from this.

Amanda says everyone has the same bank account – it’s filled with 24 hours, and what you do in that time to fill it with happiness, laughter, love, etc. is the best comparison there is.

Leading Ladies TV is Amanda’s interview program (somewhat similar to BABL, but only found on YouTube and mostly women interviews!). She routinely features everyday people with unbelievably inspiring stories.

Amanda’s advice to someone who wants to be more of a leading lady in their life is:

  • Feel great about yourself — mindfulness, meditation, affirmations
  • Every day is a day of choices – the green button is yes, the red button is no. The minute you realize that everything is a decision, that’s when you can start taking control of your life.
  • Think about three things that you’d like to create memories for at this time next year.

Books recommended by Amanda

The Success Principles by Jack Canfield

The Magic Faraway Tree by Enid Blyton

A Thousand Splendid Suns by Khaled Hosseini

For more of Amanda’s goodness, check her out at: and on YouTube at:–iA

BABL 008: Solocast- The Four Legacies

BABL008-Solocast2Time Freedom . . . Financial Freedom . . . Relationship Freedom . . . Service Freedom . . . The four legacies that I have chosen to build my life around, a life by design not by necessity.

In this second solo-cast from BABL I am going to share with you what I learned from a software engineer named Matt years ago. While I never thought this by-chance encounter could have such a profound impact on my life,  the Four Legacies Matt explained are simple, impactful, and fulfilling.

The Build A Bigger Life blueprint is the first step to Living the Four Legacies. In the next 15 minutes I am going to break down and explain the Four Legacies in further detail. I will dive into each of these legacies and tell you why prioritizing and gaining influence from these core values will set you up for an abundance of happiness throughout your life’s journey.

Subject To Change

Derek Hendricks is a man on a mission… and he has no idea where that mission will lead him.

There’s a growing movement in America towards simplification. The idea that less is more, that slower actually makes you go faster, that the “stuff” we’ve acquired is not what we own, but rather what owns us.

I met Derek at the Jack Canfield Train The Trainer event held in Los Angeles in February and caught up with him again at the 2nd week in Scottsdale. From February to June, Derek purged nearly everything in his life with the exception of some of his clothes and his Toyota Tundra pickup.  Initially, he attempted to sell everything through an estate auction company and after several disappointing meetings, opted to donate 95% of his property to charity.  He sold his home in Denver, Colorado where he works as a contractor, plunged the profits into his operating account, and set sail.

Derek’s life is Subject To Change, as is the (preliminary) title of his forthcoming book and documentary on the topic of pulling the rip cord on life and gracefully floating to ground doing what he loves. Spend any amount of time with Derek and you’ll notice what everyone else does – that this guy is 100% at peace with not knowing what’s next. He’s following the path that appears before him.

In your life, what are the “things” that are holding you in place and keeping you stuck. Too expensive a home? Huge car payment? Involved in way too many things for you to pursue your passions?

Take a cue from Derek and pull the ripcord. Life is Subject To Change.