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Adam has been a frequent guest lecturer on over 500 campuses and at hundreds of college leadership and fraternity conferences. His keynotes put students on the edge of their seats and his breakout sessions are standing room only. When attendees are asked what they thought of Adam’s presentations, they use words like, “inspirational, impactful, hilarious, and 100% relevant to our situation.”


There are very few speakers who can capture an audience from the first minute and keep them going the entire presentation. Adam is one of those speakers and delivers rock-solid content every single time he gets up on stage. One of the keys to a successful event is effective marketing. In an effort to put the most bodies in the room as humanly possible, Adam and his team of marketing gurus have put together a turnkey marketing program that literally walks an organizer through how to most effectively get the word out. There is no reinventing the wheel when hiring Adam. He and his team will show you exactly how they’ve put together audiences ranging from 400-1000 at colleges and universities who claim students just “aren’t engaged.” Adam’s programs are created for maximum effect, meaning every one of them utilizes advanced learning strategies, multiple learning modalities, and elements of Neuro-Linguistic Programming. All you really need to know is… you’re all gonna have some fun. Savvy?

Winning the Money Game

There is a game that we all play with money, and at any given point in time in our lives, we’re either winning or losing. The problem is, most Americans were never taught the rules of how to play the game. Play by the rules, and it’s entirely possible to be completely financially free by your early 30’s. Make the rules up as you go and you’re bound to be relying on someone else for your financial well-being well into old age. You CAN have everything you want in life… The Money Game will show you how! The Money Game is a 60-90 minute keynote session with the option of offering books to your audience. (Also good as a breakout)


Your Dream Job is Waiting

Most college students don’t realize that their dream job is hidden somewhere in their own network, and with a little help, can be found prior to graduation. Adam’s description of the new “social capital” movement will have students on the edge of their seats as they come to grips with what they’ve been missing all along. In this “everybody wins” environment, your campus will be buzzing with Super Connectors long after the program is done. Your Dream Job Is Waiting is a 60-90 minute keynote session that is highly interactive with LOTS of audience participation. (Also good as a breakout.)

Adam presented Your Dream Job Is Waiting at Winona State University. Hear what attendees had to say…

So Much to Do, So Little Time

More and more students are living in overwhelm, constantly adding to their plate more than they have time to do. Between school, work, clubs, activities, and a social life, is it possible to even enjoy college? Yes! However, it requires new levels of thinking when it comes to outdated ideas about “time management”. And, it’s about the perfect sleep schedule… Curious? In this 60 minute program, Adam will reset the attendees minds about what it takes to get “everything” done on a daily basis. Want to learn how to write a paper in 1/3 the time, master the Power Nap, or arrange your day to be most productive? This program is for you. So Much To Do, So Little Time is a 60 minute keynote that is jam-packed with immediately actionable ideas on how to get the most done while having the most free time. (Also good as a breakout.)

Building Your Online Brand

Every day we decide what we’re going to share with the world when it comes to our brand — what we wear, what we say, who we associate with. Yet, our online brand may be clogged with tagged photos that were never meant for public viewing. Employers are now hiring firms to do online research before they ever make a new hire — what might they find when it comes to your online brand? Learn what you can do to make sure what they see is what you WANT them to see. In this 60 minute program, Adam will show you the steps you’ll need to take to align your online image with who you are in person. It may be the difference between you landing THE job or just landing a job upon graduation. Building Your Online Brand is a 60-90 minute keynote that will have attendees laughing, groaning, and ultimately worrying about the image that they are portraying online. (Also good as a breakout.)

“There is nothing like this out there for college students and young professionals. Without question the best investment I could have made in my future.”Karan Ahuja
Purdue University
“Having been in the workforce for a couple of years, I realize all of the things I didn’t learn in college. This should be mandatory for all big thinkers and high achievers!”Amanda Boleyn
“Greetings from a broke college student who will live like one for two years so that for the rest of his life, he can do what no one else can do! First of all, allow me to tell you that you inspired me! I listened to you speak at LEAD and when you went to our Psi Chapter at the University of Wisconsin – Madison. You really showed me the importance of networking and I really want to thank you for that!”Cong Xu
University of Washington – Madison
“Adam Carroll puts the FINE in finance! Learn the secrets to money that your school will never teach.”Erik Budlong
Bryant University
“I just wanted to write you tell you how much I enjoyed your presentation at Clemson University last week. As a senior graduating in August and currently in the middle of a job search, I felt that you had tailored it specifically for me. It gave me a lot to implement as my search continues, and inspired me to go after some jobs that interest me more rather than just any job I can get. Thank you again for the information in your presentation!” Jamie Martin
Clemson University

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