BABL 021: Danny Beyer on Networking With Style

Danny Beyer on Networking With Style

Danny Beyer is the author of The Ties That Bind, Networking With Style and a networking ninja. His core message behind the book is the importance of and the power of networking will literally change your life. Most of the books on the market were focused on high level ideas but not actionable tasks, so Danny decided he’d publish the book on the topic.

Danny’s level of branding himself is second to none when it comes to consistency. He wears a bowtie 5 days a week (though never when he’s mowing the lawn). The bowtie has become his calling card, what he’s most known for, and ultimately formed the bowtie ball, a charity event where everyone wears a bowtie in the name of raising money for great causes.

Around the 8:00 mark, Danny talks about the Bowtie Ball, how much has been raised, and how they’ve grown the event year over year.

Danny is a guy who is building his life and reputation on relationship and service freedom. Having only been networking professionally for the past 2 years, Danny has leveraged the power of social networking to see what others are posting, and uses that as a method of giving back to his network. It’s about putting in the time and finding out enough about others that you can offer value to them.

14:00 — Networking is not about passing cards, it’s about creating a real relationship with someone, and then finding out how you can help each other.

Around 15:30 Danny dives into how much you should be on social media, and how much is too much. The bottom line is some people are posting some really great stuff, and it’s up to you to either be one of them, or find them and follow them. Danny maintains there are content creators and content filterers, and even filterers can build substantial lists.

Danny shares a personal story about comments that he made about Carrie Underwood on Twitter that were completely taken out of context. (21:00). Let’s just say he’s a fan of her legs.

The recommendations Danny gives in terms of social media are:

  1. The first meeting is free, but you have to earn the second. Always agree to meet with someone that requests a meeting.
  2. Don’t be afraid of the platform. Having nothing on social media can harm you in the event of a career search if you’re up against someone who’s shared successes on social media.

As a bonus, at the 30:00 mark, Danny shares how to end a conversation effectively in the most non-abrasive way possible. It’s MONEY!!

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