BABL 015: Dorie Clark on Standing Out

BABL015-DorieClarkDorie Clark on Standing Out

Dorie Clark is embarking on a 6 week book tour for her new book Stand Out, How To Develop Your Breakthrough Idea and Build a Following Around It.  The book is a follow-up to her successful TEDxBeaconStreet talk.


Dorie interviewed 50+ business executives in creating her book, some of the most notable names: Seth Godin, Robert Cialdini, Dan Pink, John Maxwell, and a handful of people you may have never heard of but are doing incredible things in their lives.


Around the 10:00 mark, Dorie discusses how everyone could become a local expert — thought leaders that have breakthrough ideas. Her mentality is by creating a framework through which people have a greater understanding of what your expertise is, you are logically thought of as the thought leader.


In Dorie’s pursuit of acquiring best-selling status for her book, she found out that hitting the list is less about cumulative sales and more about what is sold in ONE WEEK, generally speaking, the first week. As a result, Dorie’s strategies for the book launch are multi-faceted featuring a book tour, bulk sales, and several speaking events along the way.


Dorie started a dinner series in New York (around 21:00), one for business speakers and authors, and the other series is for “interesting people”. It’s a mix and match with people that should get to know each other. She’s been doing this for somewhere between 6-8 months and has built a great network as a result.


To maintain the relationships that Dorie has created she uses an email service called Contactually. She also has a list of productivity tools on her website (found HERE).


Around 28:00 Dorie discusses her time at the Harvard Divinity School. (I found this especially interesting…) She discusses having incredible speakers at the school like Nelson Mandela.


At 32:00, Dorie talks about using content creation as a way of creating small bets.  By creating a lot of content, you’ll begin to know what works and what people are interested in.


I hope you enjoy the podcast as much as I enjoyed interviewing Dorie!


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Books Dorie Recommends:

Power, Why Some People Have It and Some People Don’t

Never Eat Alone

Influence: The Psychology of Persuasion