Jason Treu

BABL 050: Jason Treu on Be Extra Ordinary

Jason Treu (pronounced “Troy”) has a passion for people. As a naive grad student he asked future employers what became one of the most difficult questions for people to ask: ‘Are you happy’?

The questions he started asking others became part of his business as a business and executive coach. The inner questions are at the heart of Jason’s work with his clients… mastering the inside eventually helps the person master the outside.

Around the 8:00 mark, Jason tells the story of someone that was made fun of as a kid because of vocal cord damage. The story she had told herself made her afraid of getting on the phone, afraid of opening up, and ultimately was keeping her from performing in her job. By removing the emotional blocks, this client of Jason’s created some amazing breakthroughs.

Create a purpose based on your top emotions, is the advice Jason gives people that are either pursuing happiness, fulfillment, success, or some other nebulous idea. (12:30)

At 16:00, we begin talking about Jason’s book Social Wealth. On your deathbed, no one will celebrate the fact that they worked hard. Instead, it’s about relationships and making connections no matter where you go. Social Wealth is about building deep meaningful connections.

“Are you asking questions that really matter to the person you’re talking to?” is Jason’s advice to making lasting connections. If you help someone do something that at their very core is important to them, you’re building Social Wealth.

Be authentic, vulnerable, generous, and present in everything you do. (23:00)

For the introverted, who may find meeting others to be difficult, be more targeted about where you go and where you meet others. Fund-raising events, the symphony, art shows, etc. are great places to meet others. Jason recommends volunteering at the check-in table so that you can meet everyone that walks in the door. Then you have a reason to go up to them later in the evening by saying, “we met earlier, but didn’t have a chance to chat. How are you finding the evening?”

One of Jason’s secret weapons is his willingness to introduce other people to each other — even those that HE doesn’t know personally. It opens the door for new relationships which is what everyone truly wants!

Books Jason recommends:

The ONE by Gary Keller

Daring Greatly by Brene Brown

Give and Take by Adam Grant

To be claiming your power through your purpose is what it takes to build a bigger life!

I hope you enjoyed the interview!

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