BABL 022: Jenny Blake on How to Pivot

Jenny Blake on How to Pivot

Jenny Blake is a creative powerhouse and a force to be reckoned with. She authored the book Life After College and a new book titled Pivot, all about making great changes in your life, meaningfully, powerfully and strategically.

On the recording, you’ll hear Jenny talk about high net growth individuals — smart, hungry people that are about building themselves as much as building business. For those that are ready to pivot and you’re stuck or frustrated figuring out your life purpose, just try helping other people as much as possible. (And maybe it’s about helping yourself!)

Jenny’s dream job at google collided with an entrepreneurial drive to launch her first book and do her own thing. At that point, she saved 6 months worth of expenses and plowed forward on her own in New York City. (9:00)

In January 2014, Jenny hit a roadblock in her business and learned some valuable lessons about pivoting into another way of doing business. Those realizations directed her to create a strategy around making changes in your career.

Start with what’s already working. What are your strengths/interests and what did you love to do as a kid? Anything you know about what’s already working, start there.


The Four Strategies of How To Pivot

Plant – get your known variables captured

Scan – who’s around you that can help

Pilot – run small experiments

Launch – when you know it’s time


Jenny mentions that nowhere in the pivot method does she focus on what isn’t working — it’s all about what is. (18:30)

There is a theory Jenny has put forward called Punctuated Points of Career Success. She says we hold out for certain moments in our career called “The Pinata of Far Off Dreams”. We could instead find punctuated points of career success. The celebration instead should be experiencing forward momentum. (23:00)


Mentioned on the podcast:


Anti-Fragile by Naseem Paleb

Books recommended by Jenny:

Smart hacks

The Antidote by Oliver Berkman

Anti-Fragile by Naseem Paleb


Building a Bigger Life to Jenny means expanding all of the small moments of the day and finding enjoyment in just sitting in the park and feeling the breeze on her face.


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