BABL 035: Julie Clow on The Work Revolution

BABL035-JulieClowJulie Clow is a unique combination of intellectual, dynamic hard-charging Gen Xer, and organizational behaviorist. In a word, she’s cool.

Julie holds an organizational development position with Chanel currently, though worked for Google previously, and had done consulting just after receiving her graduate degree. The Google culture for her was an eye-opening experience, one where actual value that people bring to their jobs was the focus, not just how many hours they put in a day.

The experience led Julie to write the book The Work Revolution after sharing stories about Google and having people show such intense interest in how to make that happen in their organizations.

One-by-one, Julie believes companies will realize that they have to change their models of leading and how “work” happens or else they won’t be able to attract the right talent. (12:00)

If companies would give some leeway or discretion in how hours are set and work is done, Julie says organizations may realize greater profits and productivity. When you’re so used to doing something a certain way, it’s tough to know what will change when you change the system, but that is exactly what needs to happen (if only just to test the system). (16:00)

A great example brought up on the podcast of changes happening in the global economy is the changing of ASTD — the American Society of Training & Development — to the Association of Talent Development. A more global feel to the organization and a greater sense of talent and the development thereof. (19:00)

Communication and prioritization become the most important elements for the leaders of tomorrow. The most effective leaders are ones that will:

  1. Set the right priorities, very clear, very meaningful to the overall goals
  2. Communicating the priorities over and over and over again

Julie tells a story about teaching her dog to fetch a beer from the refrigerator around the 26:00 mark, and it inspired me to attempt the same with mine. 🙂

Books Julie recommends:

Anything by Martha Beck

Influencer: The Power To Change Anything

The Hard Thing About Hard Things
Julie has a fantastic perspective on what Building A Bigger Life truly is — it’s the eternal question of being torn between the desire to change the world and the desire to enjoy the world.