BABL 037: Mark Charter Staying Focused

Mark Charter is Iowa’s Most Recommended Real Estate Agent and has a growing business, a loving family and a BIG life. At the age of 36, Mark is entering his 10th year in real estate, having survived the ups and downs of the real estate game. His best advice on finding the road to success is: Stick To It.

Becoming the most recommended real estate agent in the state, Mark says, was all about nurturing his spiritual gift of GIVING. Around the 8:00 point, Mark talks about how he focused his business on growing the opportunity for everyone to get something. Doing business with Mark has become the easy choice because of everything he’s offering his clients who work with him

“Pros focus on relationships and amateurs focus on sales” (14:00)  Mark says the challenge for most people is the relationship building aspect of business takes focused effort. From Power Vs. Force, by David Hawkins, Mark said the idea of urging versus inviting has impacted how he works with real estate clients.

Mark is adamant about the fact that he likes to work with people who like to work with him. (18:45)  As such, he’s more than willing to do what some agents won’t do, like write checks to make deals happen, doing some deals pro bono, and attempting to move mountains to make the clients happy.

Books Mark recommends:

The Bible

Drudge Report – News Articles

The bottom line magic according to Mark is DON’T QUIT!  And through loving what you do, the life you seek gets bigger and bigger!

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