BABL012: Solocast-My $10,000 Experiment

BABL012-Solocast4My $10,000 Experiment

In this solocast I share the story of the psychological experiment I conducted on my children. The premise of which was $10,000 in cold hard cash sitting on the kitchen table with a sign that said ‘Don’t Touch The Money Yet’.


You’ve honestly never seen a kid’s eyes light up as mine did when I handed each of them $1,500 in starter capital.

The podcast recording is my re-telling of the story as well as a take-away message of teaching financial literacy to young people early and often. I maintain that the next generation is inheriting a new way of paying each other – one that is based in financial abstraction. And, if history is any indicator of our ability to manage debt, we’re setting the next generation up for failure.

Enjoy the solocast and I’ll be very curious to hear your feedback, including how you’re raising money savvy kids of your own!

To building a bigger life!