Not All Entrepreneurs Are Created Equal

If you consider yourself an entrepreneur, it’s important to know just what kind of entrepreneur you might be.

I always thought that entrepreneurs were cut from the same cloth.  Some were just better at building businesses than others.  And as I began to surround myself with other risk-takers, it became apparent that some were really good at strategy, some were super creative, some were savvy money managers, others incredible at managing people.

It wasn’t until a good friend of mine referred me to an entrepreneurial profile test that I realized there were multiple different varieties of entrepreneurs. The test clearly indicates your dominant entrepreneurial tendencies AND suggests some of the things you should leave to others.

For example, you may be more of a creator — the one with the ideas who’s great at starting things but terrible at finishing.  Or, maybe you’re more of a mechanic who likes to take businesses apart and put them back together more efficiently.  Whatever your dominant skill set is should be where you spend a majority of your time and energy.

Doing anything other than what you’re really good at takes you out of your “flow”.

That’s why the most successful entrepreneurs learn to maximize their strengths and hire to cover their weaknesses.

That, by itself, is really really critical to understand.  But what I’m about to share is what will put you on the road to financial AND time freedom.

True entrepreneurs build a system that automates their business.  I recently spent three days surrounded by super-savvy business owners who did nothing but focus on how to automate their processes so that they could spend more time enjoying their lives.

It was an eye-opening experience to hear of people who were doing millions of dollars in business and had only 2-5 employees.  They were absolutely KILLING it while taking dozens and dozens of vacation days a year.

It’s a shift in mindset that may take some time to fully grasp, and the majority of people that own their own business don’t realize the full potential of automation.  If I were to start from the beginning, I’d search out those that had massively profitable and automated businesses and emulate everything they were doing.  Find mentors, study automation and systems, and live the life you always imagined!