BABL 041: Richard Fagerlin on Why Trust Is Critical

BABL041-RichardFagerlinRichard Fagerlin is the author of Trustology, an amazing book about the art and science of leading high trust teams. Richard does management and leadership consulting through his company Peak Solutions based in Fort Collins, CO.

Richard’s life change happened on 9/11, after a 5 hour drive home trying to imagine what happened in New York, and how it related to him and his family. He decided on that drive that his passions had to be pursued and quit his job just a month later.

For changing behavior and changing attitudes, Richard thinks training should be the last ditch effort — but if not for the training, many of the attitude changing conversations never happen. Peak Solutions figures out what pill their clients are trying to feed their employees, and they then wrap the cheese and bacon around the pill in the form of training. (12:00)

Relationships have always been a cornerstone of Richard’s core operating system, but he didn’t realize trust was at the center of building effective connections. (19:00) The exercise that Richard put his kids through is a great example of how to teach trust, and specifically the power of our words in destroying trust. (23:00)

Books Richard recommends:

Essentialism by Greg Mckeown

Better Than Good by Zig Ziglar

The Five Love Languages by Gary Chapman

The John Maxwell Leadership Bible

Richard is all about having say in what he does and when he does it. His measure of success is the quantity and quality of time with his family, the level of legacy he (and his kids) leave, and ultimately having as little obligation as possible financially.

I hope you enjoy the podcast!