BABL 033: Robert Dickie on Taking the Leap

BABL033-BobDickieRobert Dickie III is the President of Crown, having been in the military, worked in the private sector, and is now focused entirely on making others’ lives better. Bob recently released The Leap: Launching a Full-Time Job in Our Part-Time Economy in an effort to help people transition into the changing world of work.

Many of Bob’s friends had been downsized and let go from automotive manufacturing in Flint, MI and thought they’d just be hired back on the line. As he answered questions, consulted with professional peers, and started coalescing all of the information on his blog, Bob was called by a publisher asking if he could put a book together from the content.

The idea that work is changing is beginning to pick up. Some people are calling it GIG-enomics as people cobble together full-time work from 3 or 4 different sources.

Some of the things changing the world of work today are:

  1. An advance in technology
  2. Rapid pace of globalization
  3. Local and Global Regulations

In 2013, 77% of the jobs that were created were part-time jobs. Add to that the official unemployment numbers (that aren’t widely reported) hover between 12-17%, and it’s instrumental to have a more forward looking view of what work actually is becoming.

Bob talks about “anchors” that will hold the next generation back — mental, emotional, and largely financial in the way of student loan debt, cost of living, having a hard time finding a job, etc. (14:30)

When you flip the paradigm of our grandparents having only one career, and we can have multiple, multiple careers, it actually becomes very exciting.

Bob talks about the correction in the market that’s on the horizon around 17:30. He speaks about companies stockpiling cash and the necessity of families to do the same. This becomes the insurance policy to weather the storm that may occur in the (near) future. He says to expect volatility and expect a correction. (19:00)

The love of challenge, adventure, and having impact are all being met for Bob currently at Crown, so changing his current role is not on the horizon. He’s loving what he does for the organization and talks about it around 25:00.

Books Bob Recommends:

Money Master The Game by Tony Robbins

The Hard Thing About Hard Things by Ben Horowitz

The Speed of Trust by Stephen Covey