BABL 001: Scott Ginsberg on Being Profoundly Absurdly Committed

Scott Ginsberg on Being Profoundly Absurdly Committed

I first met Scott Ginsberg at a conference for Young Professionals where we were both speaking. It was impressive to me that Scott had such an approachable air about him and then after hearing his presentation, I completely understood why. 

Scott has made a business out of wearing a nametag for the past 15 years of his life. What started out as an experiment of “what would happen if I didn’t take off this nametag” turned into a reputation, then a lifestyle, a career, and now a calling.

Meet Scott once and you’ll be blown away by the level of creativity this artist shares. And he is, without question, an artist. Scott spent the past year releasing his documentary called Tunnel Of Love. It’s all Scott, raw and rough playing guitar and singing his own music in a walking tunnel in Brooklyn in between stories of his life.

You can see his full documentary here:

You can read some of the nuggets of brain candy from Scott on his website:

If you want to become a dominant content creator, you MUST read Scott’s most recent book Prolific.  You can download it for free HERE.

On top of the 30 books that Scott has written, he recommends the following books to change your life, just like these have changed his:

The Gift

The Meanings of Life

Tao te ching

The War of Art

Songwriters on Songwriting