BABL 075: Setting Goals and Overcoming Obstacles with David Andrews of The 30 Day Sobriety Solution

Dave Andrews is an author, speaker, and transformational coach about to launch a book called the 30 Day Sobriety Solution with co-author Jack Canfield. Dave’s life’s work is about helping other people take possession of their lives, overcome addictions, and achieve their biggest life goals. And on this episode, he gets super real about his drinking habits, the enormous life event that changed his path forever, and how this impactful book came about.

Dave had an unhealthy relationship with alcohol from the time he was in high school and college. In Dave’s own words, he felt better about himself when he was drinking. He thought other people found him more interesting, he fit in better, and a host of other falsehoods that he eventually realized.

Two major events happened for Dave that caused him to change his path. The first was waking up in a hotel room covered in vomit, a room littered with alcohol bottles and food containers, a trail leading from the bathroom to the bed, and the realization that he very well should have died that night but was spared for some reason. This 3 day binge he was on was after 43 days of sobriety which he described as a struggle. He came home to his wife and daughters and vowed to change his ways forever.

The second event was the passing of a close friend of his. A very successful, very talented brain surgeon who struggled with alcoholism unbeknownst to most people. Dave looked up to this person as someone that had everything going for him, a model of someone he could become in sobriety. Then one fateful day, the brain surgeon relapsed and took his own life with a shotgun. Sitting at the funeral and taking in the faces of the family that he left, Dave realized that he himself was not far from this situation. His commitment to remain sober was locked in.

Dave’s sobriety anniversary is August 16th, 2008 and he is now thriving in this new chapter of his life, now 7+ years in the making.

One of the things you’ll notice about Dave in the interview is he is a constant consumer of personal development literature and psychology. Programs from Tony Robbins, Jack Canfield, and Steve Harrison had Dave asking the best questions of himself. Proof, according to Dave, that the quality of your life is the quality of the questions you’re asking yourself.

One of the questions that Dave used over and over again, that ultimately got him his book deal with Jack Canfield is: What would have to happen in order for X to happen? In the case of the 30 Day Sobriety Solution, the question he asked Jack was: What would have to happen for you to agree to writing this book with me?

(Dave tells the story about how he used some guerrilla techniques to get to Jack around the 21:00 mark.)

When I met Dave in February of 2014, he was carrying a bundle of notecards that had every goal written down with a very clearly written description on the front and a photo of what that looked like on the back. He would pull them out daily, read the cards, and visualize what it would be like to achieve each of them. It was profoundly important for me to see someone actually using the strategies that personal success gurus have been touting for years. Dave simply took it to a completely new level.

Dave describes around the 26:00 mark what having those goal notecards did for him. They ultimately activate the Reticular Activating System in your brain which begins to assimilate data you’re seeing, reading, or hearing as if it’s there to help you achieve your goals. One of Dave’s goals was to get a $450,000 book deal for The 30 Day Sobriety Solution, and in the end, Dave and Jack signed a record 7-figure book deal — this is rarely if ever heard of in today’s publishing world.

Setting goals for 2016 is incredibly powerful. According to Dave, just the act of writing the goals down is energy put into the achievement of them. Even if you never looked at them again, there’s tremendous power in the process. Most powerful of your goals is your Breakthrough Goal – this is the goal that, if achieved, would make every other goal you have massively easier.


Dave is a part of both mastermind groups and accountability partnerships and counts both of those in the top 5 reasons for his success in the past few years. His mastermind group allows him to bounce ideas off of each of them, gain different perspectives, and often get the nudge to do the things he feels nervous about. His mastermind has come about by attending personal development workshops and seminars and connecting with people that he both looks up to and admires.

Books recommended by Dave:

Think and Grow Rich by Napoleon Hill

The Way of The Peaceful Warrior by Dan Millman

Brian Johnson of


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