BABL 026: Solocast- So You Want to be a Speaker


So you want to be a speaker?  In this solocast Adam explains how he became a successful public speaker. While selling suits to CEO’s and listening to audio tapes of the “great” public speakers of our time, Adam realized that public speaking was his calling and he has not looked back.

Fast forward 11 years later, Adam has a booming speaking business and is extremely knowledgable on the subject.  After years in the industry Adam gets asked daily “How do you start a speaking business?”. Check out this solocast where he gives you tips and nuggets of knowledge to get your own speaking business started.

In addition to this solocast, Adam is hosting an event in August called Speaker Launchpad. Check it out at check it out at Adam is also giving you an exclusive audio of his “Speak Like A Pro” interview that he did with Jenny Blake and a series of e-mails with valuable tips and content to building your speaking business.