Congratulations! The audio download is below, but before you go there, I’d love to tell you my predictions for you:

  • You will rock multiple stages this year 
  • You will make more money in an hour than you ever thought you could
  • You will change people’s lives on a grand scale through your transformational stories
  • You will harness the raw power of purpose in how you market and share your message
  • You will connect with like-minded achievers who want similar things as you 


May I tell you a quick story?

In 2002, I met a gentleman who challenged me to put together a program or two and start marketing myself as a professional speaker. Not one to disappoint a mentor, I did my best to write solid content, create custom slide decks, and put together marketing materials. After running through the content with him a few times, he stuck his neck out for me and booked me a gig with the Remodeler’s Association, a job that paid a whopping $500. (minus his 25%!)

I remember gulping down water before, during and after the presentation because dry mouth had completely taken over. My body was dripping sweat throughout the presentation, and I remember thinking ‘I should change my shirt’ after the session. I wasn’t sure if I’d bombed or killed because I was so focused on getting the words out.

Then, two magical things happened:

1. Attendees came straight up to me after my talk and asked me if I had any books or CD’s they could buy. (WHAT?!)

2. My mentor pulled me aside and said, “you, my friend, are easily a $1,000 speaker right now. But you should be able to finish a 45 minute talk without drinking water.”

That memory was a formative one for me — I remember feeling on top of the world. Like the $375 I’d just cleared was the easiest and most fun money I’d ever made.

From that point on, I was hooked on speaking.

Fast forward to today… I have (2) TEDx talks under my belt, an ever-growing list of satisfied clients, and no concern whatsoever about my ability to make money from the stage. Six figures in this business is completely doable.



I have lived the past 10 years of my life doing what I love to do, sharing messages of personal leadership, money management, networking, and entrepreneurship to tens of thousands of people all over the country (and now world, thanks to the TED stage). I’ve presented on over 500 college campuses, done hundreds of leadership symposiums, countless local and regional events, and have even been asked to participate and speak at major national seminars.

There are times I pinch myself just to be sure I’m not dreaming.  It’s usually after I’m done with a killer event where the audience was digging everything I said and then the organizer handed me a big check.

While the checks are fun to receive, what I find to be even more satisfying is knowing that somewhere out there, someone is living a bigger life because of something I shared with them.

Maybe it was my story of how I help my kids have a Level 10 experience on a daily basis…

Maybe it was the sharing of my wife and I’s money woes early on and how we conquered our finances…

Maybe it was the networking exercise I do that absolutely blows people’s faces off…

The bottom line for me is, I get to help change people for the better — AND I THINK YOU SHOULD TOO.


That mentor I mentioned earlier on — unfortunately was short-lived. He was (and is) a great dude, but had some financial pressures in his life that forced him back into corporate america before teaching me everything he knew.

So I struggled to learn most of this business on my own.

I tested different marketing angles, different speeches, different audiences. I compared price points, book offers, add-on consulting, you name it. And the more I tested, the better I became. That whole thing about the 10,000 hour rule… it’s true. I must’ve read a hundred books on marketing and sales, then fell flat on my face dozens of times in pursuit of success.

Maybe I was too dumb to give up.

But I had this vision of what life would be like when I cleared $2500 per gig. Then once I hit that I thought about making $3500. Then $4500. And every time I hit that next number, I set the bar higher. The more I visualized life at the next level, the sweeter things became.

Along the way I would network and meet other speakers, coaches and consultants and they offered me praise and guidance. Some of them became my closest friends and confidantes. And without them pushing me, I wouldn’t be here to share this information with you.


This is a group of my bad-ass business brothers who have helped push my speaking career to new levels. ——————>

I think with the right mentorship and coaching, your speaking career can take off in record time. Not 10+ years like mine, struggling to figure things out on my own, but in 2 years or less with me as your guide through the twisted forest.

The things I’d like to teach you aren’t taught in books. (Well, they are taught in books, but you’d have to read 100+ of the same books I’ve read to glean all the information, and let’s face it, you’d rather get the Cliffs Notes.) Some of what I’ll share with you is time-tested strategies that allow me to create killer content in next to no time. Rest assured all of it is for your benefit.

What I’d love to teach you is what I wish someone would’ve taught me 10+ years ago. They say hindsight is 20/20 and there are definitely things I would’ve done differently. From websites to marketing copy, assistants to contracts, energizers and one-liners, to how to craft a story — I would’ve done most of it differently. But I did it all so you don’t have to.

As a friend of mine once told me, “If you tell me the stove is hot, I’m not going to put my hand on it to prove you wrong.

The Speaker Launchpad is an event for people who are interested in bringing their message to the stage. It’s for those who know there is more to the game than meets the eye and are looking for the right guidance to get them to the playing field.

The Speaker Launchpad is instructional, educational, interactive, and a whole hell of a lot of fun. Have you ever been in a room of speakers? It’s like the coolest kids in the school all met up for a weekend of creativity and hilarity.

The Speaker Launchpad is unlike anything else you’ve been to, because my goal is to have you speaking (and getting PAID) within 4-8 weeks of leaving. Maybe even sooner.

You’ll learn:

  • What you absolutely need to get started (here’s a hint — it’s not a fully cooked presentation)
  • What to say when people ask you ‘what do you do?’
  • How to create light yourself on fire presentations that kick ass every time
  • Why quoting a price is the worst possible thing you can do
  • How to do fam-nominal marketing on the cheap (fam-nominal is not a word, but always gets a laugh from the stage)
  • Where to find the easiest to get “low hanging fruit” gigs
  • How to structure your talk so that everyone remembers you
  • What kinds of products you can create and sell to add to your revenue
  • How to make yourself appear ‘bigger’ than you may currently be (that may sound differently than intended)
  • When to insert jokes and how to “roll the audience”
  • How to get asked back again and again (and charge more each time)

Are you intrigued yet?

Details for Speaker Launchpad 2016 are coming soon!

We have your information and will make sure you are the first to know when and where all the next savvy professional speakers will be gathering.   I can’t wait.


If you have questions and/or want to connect with me personally to find out if this is right for you, please reach out to Molly Rose by emailing:




Access to my interview with Jenny Blake: Generate a Momentum for Your Speaking Business (and…Tips for Avoiding Burnout)

In case you’re still reading, you have amazing taste and a fantastic sense of humor. I think we could be great friends and would thoroughly enjoy spending the weekend together.

Here’s to you making serious money speaking, enjoying your life tremendously, and being the envy of your friends…