Subject To Change

Derek Hendricks is a man on a mission… and he has no idea where that mission will lead him.

There’s a growing movement in America towards simplification. The idea that less is more, that slower actually makes you go faster, that the “stuff” we’ve acquired is not what we own, but rather what owns us.

I met Derek at the Jack Canfield Train The Trainer event held in Los Angeles in February and caught up with him again at the 2nd week in Scottsdale. From February to June, Derek purged nearly everything in his life with the exception of some of his clothes and his Toyota Tundra pickup.  Initially, he attempted to sell everything through an estate auction company and after several disappointing meetings, opted to donate 95% of his property to charity.  He sold his home in Denver, Colorado where he works as a contractor, plunged the profits into his operating account, and set sail.

Derek’s life is Subject To Change, as is the (preliminary) title of his forthcoming book and documentary on the topic of pulling the rip cord on life and gracefully floating to ground doing what he loves. Spend any amount of time with Derek and you’ll notice what everyone else does – that this guy is 100% at peace with not knowing what’s next. He’s following the path that appears before him.

In your life, what are the “things” that are holding you in place and keeping you stuck. Too expensive a home? Huge car payment? Involved in way too many things for you to pursue your passions?

Take a cue from Derek and pull the ripcord. Life is Subject To Change.