BABL 045: Solocast- The Reality Of Student Debt

In this weeks impactful, and eye opening Solocast, Adam talks about The Reality of Student Debt. He dives deep on the current state of the loan epidemic, how we got here and resources and tools to assist you.

If your interested in this topic also check out Adam’s Ted Talk on The Economic Realities of Student Debt and his upcoming Documentary on the Student Debt Crisis – Broke Busted & Disgusted.

  • Jan Chappell Davis

    Very scary but real statistic! Each of my 3 children have gone to college and youngest should complete her masters this fall. She is coming out with student loan debt equal to a small mortgage.. The oldest who graduated from college 15 years ago came out with the least amount of student loan debt. You almost feel trapped to complete school so you have a degree to validate the debt, $30k and no degree? Why bother? It does not pay to consolidate loans because in the end you double or more in what you pay back.. Keep up the wise advice Adam!–