BABL 007: Thomas Frank on Getting a Kick Out of Creating Things

BABL007-ThomasFrankThomas Frank on Getting a Kick Out of Creating Things

Thomas Frank set out to create a site that would allow people to effectively “hack” their college experience. The site today is a podcast and YouTube Channel with unique monthly users of over 150,000! Oh, and did I mention he’s making around $70k per year with just the site?

One of the things that I most appreciate about Tom is his desire to do really epic things — to that end he created his own Impossible List and is sequentially knocking them out one by one. On this list was paying off all of his student debt prior to graduation — which he did about 6 months before walking the stage. He talks about how he did that around minute 6.

Thomas has an amazing YouTube Channel and he has succeeded in creating really quality videos with fantastic content. Check him out here:

Thomas’ book 10 Steps to Earn Awesome Grades can be found here:

Want a unique stress relieving strategy? Thomas discusses how he puts “holes in the bottom of his stress bucket” by being an idiot around 20:00.

Advice to someone writing a blog? Don’t go into it with monetization as the goal. Have stuff that you’re interested in on your blog and study people who do things really well.

Thomas is also the co-host of Listen Money Matters : Listen to them HERE.

Mentioned on the show:

Chris Guillebeau – blogger and founder of World Domination Summit.

Dale Courson – Courson technique: a method of studying and identifying problem areas with a professor.

Equal Odds Rule – The average individual publication of any scientist doesn’t have a greater chance of success. You just have to be willing to put out a ton of work. Your odds go up from there. – Online training for entrepreneurs.

Books Thomas recommends:

The Power of Habit by Charles Duhigg

Debt Free U by Zac Bissonette

The Discoverers by Daniel Borsten

Want more of Thomas? Check him out at and follow him on Twitter @TomFrankly.