BABL 005: Tim Rhode on Gettin’ The Goods In The Woods


Tim Rhode on Gettin’ The Goods In The Woods

This podcast is one of my favorites as Tim Rhode is one part dude I want to hang with everyday, and one part dude I want to BE everyday. You’ll find Tim to be high energy, high passion, and high on life.

 Tim is a successful real estate investor, having been in real estate for 18 years and working his tail off to enjoy the BIGGER life he’s built for he and his wife.

On the podcast, you’ll hear how Tim thinks daily about the highest and best use of his time. He’s consumed with being EEP — Efficient Effective and Productive.

Around 22:00, Tim talked about being in neutral in his life where he was winding the propeller to then think about what’s next.

Around 25:00, Tim’s 501(c)3 1LifeFullyLived is brought up. The core messages from the conference are:

  1. Who am I at my core?
  2. What’s my plan for me?
  3. Offense: how am I going to make money?
  4. Defense: how am I going to avoid debt and invest wisely?
  5. EEP – How can I be efficient, effective and productive?

1LifeFullyLived has a group called The Young Hustlers. Some of these kids are doing things out of the ordinary like getting a real estate license, living at home as long as they need to, but they’ll become millionaires by 25. (33:00)

Around 34:00, Tim discusses Dollar Productive Activity and something he learned from one of his mentors.

Around 40:00, Tim talks about the number of paychecks he receives per month and the importance of having horizontal income versus vertical income.

Some things talked about on the podcast:

Books Tim Recommends:

  1. The Richest Man in Babylon
  2. The Millionaire Next Door by Danko and Stanley
  3. The Five Love Languages by Gary Chapman

You can find more about Tim Rhode at, and can check out Tim’s non-profit program 1LifeFullyLived at Tim’s email is

Download the Build A Bigger Life Blueprint to find out how to live like Tim!!