BABL 040: Solocast: YOU are the Architect

BABL040-Solocast (1)

In this weeks solocast, Adam dives into how to be the Architect of your own life.

He discusses how many people take a prescribed path, but not necessarily the one that most closely matches what it is they want in life.


Some believe they have no control in what happens in their life and others own what their current and future legacy will be.  The separation is the language you choose to describe your situation.

Jack Canfield preaches in his # 1 success principle to take 100% responsibility for your life. Canfield maintains that everything that happens in our life is ours to take responsibility for. If we don’t, we are basically like ships tossed about on the open sea with no rudders, no sails, and no hopes of ever finding land.

Tim Ferris opened our eyes to the “New Rich”. In his book “The 4 Hour Work Week” Ferris, exposes a new way of working whether you were a corporate soldier or a self-employed renegade.

Isolate and eliminate language that you use to describe your situation “out of your control”.

Realize that everything you do in life is a choice. Adam walks you through the steps of seeing yourself as the architect of YOUR OWN LIFE.  He tells you that you are the one deciding whether or not to be the architect of your own life.

Your life is perfectly engineered to get the results you’re getting.

Let’s re-engineer your life to get the life you want!  Download the Build A Bigger Life Blueprint to begin walking through those steps to design the life you want.